Deciding what you want

Prior to contacting me it is helpful to have general idea of what you would like. Select a photo or two that represent your pets personality and that also fit the guidelines.

Decide on what style and size you prefer for your portrait, examples can be found in the Gallery. If you aren't sure which style would be best for your preferred photo please contact me and I can make some suggestions.

 I offer a number of different sizes from small to large, your choice may depend on the number of pets in your portrait and your budget. Photos can also be a deciding factor, as larger portraits and scratchboard require very clear high resolution photos which sometimes are not available in the case of pets that have passed away.

Contact me

***Please note that I generally book a year or more out and then stop taking additional bookings at that point***

Once you have decided on what you would like for a portrait send me an email or contact me via my Facebook page.

You will be given an approximate date for your portrait. Keep in mind that turnaround times are only an estimate based on how long most portraits take me to complete. Good things take time and shouldn't be rushed. If you are thinking of giving a portrait as a gift please plan well in advance.

I do not currently require a deposit, however, I do ask that you book as many portraits as you feel you will be wanting. I am not able to add more to your booking once your turn has arrived as this is unfair to those on the list after you and causes me to fall behind. If you decide you only require one portrait when your turn arrives, but booked 4 originally, that's ok, as I'd rather have given you too much time than not enough!

Your portrait

Approximately two weeks prior to starting your portrait I will contact you to confirm the details of what you would like. You will have the option to receive progress photos if you would like, or to just see the final work.

I will send you a photo or scan of your portrait for your approval. At this stage I may be able to make minor adjustments. 

Once you are happy with your portrait we will arrange payment and shipping.